STILL LIFE Gallery by Z’Anne

These wild croci remind me of my mother because she took me each spring to search until we found them emerging from the snow on the banks of the Assiniboine River.
The Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park boasts an exquisite reflecting pool complete with waterlilies. I did not enhance the colours of their leaves, which took my breath away.
When I decided to paint a closeup of our friends’ pear tree, it seemed like a good idea to make it look like a set of clay tiles. I do not recommend this — it was murder to hang!
This plant, which volunteers with abandon in my garden, also goes by the name “Pagoda Tree,” for unlike other dogwoods, it has alternate leaves and an elegant silhouette. The birds and I love it.
I am drawn to naturally-lit still life and portraits near winter solstice because it seems so much more magical when there is so little of it.

Gallery of Still Life by Z’Anne