PORTRAITS Gallery by Z’Anne

These two boys were somehow sharing one rod peacefully. I was impressed, even though they are both looking away from their line!
Rachel, the daughter of my soul-cousin, is a gifted cellist and was kind enough to let me photograph her at Hart House while she played Bach. It was heavenly.
We ran into these two on a bridge in high summer. The rest of the wedding party was being photographed so I got permission and snapped the reference for this. Sunshine on little girls in tulle!
Our beloved Skye Terrier. R.I.P., Jewell.
Jon took the picture of me — hence the title because his image appears in the lenses, though distorted. And my hair is considerably longer now.
During a lull in a big wedding reception, this little gal strolled out and gracefully arranged her layers of tulle on the parquet dance floor. I was tempted to call it “The Dying Swan” because she had a dancer’s grace.
This wee fawn was crouched in the forest, perfectly obeying mother’s orders to stay still.
Jon had his outdoor clothes on and was waiting for me. The situation was so unusual I think he fell asleep with his eyes open.
If you recognize these kids, tell me. The photo was taken at Lobies Park in 2012 when they stopped studying a crayfish long enough to give me permission to take the shot.

Gallery of Portraits by Z’Anne