Vicki McKague

Vicki McKague is now just launching her career as an artist but was active in the “Huron County and Blyth Festival Art Gallery family” for decades. She was a dedicated secondary school Visual Arts teacher for 30 years with the Avon-Maitland Board of Education before retiring in 2017. She taught and enjoyed the variety of media within her curriculum for drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture but is presently specializing in pastel drawing. Her subject matter is influenced by her surroundings, her friends, family, and her photographs from the past and present.

Vicki also enjoys watercolour, oil glaze and china painting, hoping to create a series of themed pieces for a future exhibition. Glazed tiles and ceramic work are also in the future plans as she and her husband finish their cordwood home on their small farm west of Teeswater where they raise Canadian Sport Horses and Dexter cattle.

Being a “lifelong learner”, Vicki continues increasing her knowledge for that which she has a passion by registering for art classes as well as teaching them to adults! She will do commissioned work, preferably animals and birds, wild and domesticated.