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Featured Artist: Dan Nolan

Dan Nolan is a stained glass artist from the Grey County area. His studio is located between Hanover and Neustadt on Grey Road 10.

Dan grew up in Bruce County, just west of Walkerton. He studied art at the University of Waterloo, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts in 1979. In 1982, he began to work in stained glass.

Working from a small basement studio, Dan attended many craft shows around Ontario. He opened his first commercial studio in 1985, in Hanover, Ontario. From this studio, he could sell his work, and sell glass and supplies to local hobbyists, while continuing to attend craft shows. Dan moved to his current location in 1990. Attending fewer craft shows; he concentrated on larger commissions for churches and homes.

Drawing inspiration from his local surroundings, Dan has produced a large body of work of stained glass windows, as well as many smaller works that he sells in his studio.

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