Maggie Edington


Email: Maggie Edington- The Potter and me


Maggie has had a life-long love of making things out of many different types of materials. Many of her creations have been very beautiful but all have also been functional whether clothing, toys, or currently, pots. Maggie is pleased to be part of the Saugeen Artists as she excitedly forays into a new frontier: the world of art.

Her first contact with clay was along the shore of Lake Huron as a child where she and her cousins made ashtrays for their parents. After many decades of keeping this first love of clay on the back-burner while raising children and working as a nurse, she is exploring the wonderful properties of this amazing material and what can be made! Maggie works out of her basement studio in Hanover, Ontario.

  Maggie’s pottery business is called The Potter & me.