Leona Kennedy

Kennedy House Studios

I share my creative life and space with my husband, Tim.  We both love to create but our mediums are pretty different.  I work in visual art and he creates hand made rustic furniture that embraces the craftsman mentality.  If you would like to see what we both do, please take some time to visit us at www.kennedyhousestudios.com or follow us on Facebook at Kennedy House Studios.

From an early age I loved being creative.  Making art, games, stories, any kind of creative activity.  As a young adult I landed in a career as an Accountant, not your typical career path for a creative soul.  For many years I put being creative on hold in order to focus on my Accounting career.  As life often does, it lead me back to my creative soul, this time with a focus on painting.  I restocked my art supply cupboard and set about re-acquainting myself with the power and beauty of the creative process and producing art.  I haven’t looked back once.  The options, the mediums and the subject matter available to an artist feeds my need for learning new skills and having new experiences.  I don’t think I will ever get bored.

Through my work I try to capture the energy of my subject, to let others see it how I see it, to experience it the way that I do.  I focus mainly on landscapes and there is an endless variety and outstanding beauty in Grey and Bruce Counties.  By working to express the beauty or our local landscape I feel that it works as a modality for expressing my gratitude for being able to experience this amazing area first hand and to be able to offer that same experience to others through my art.

Thank you for taking the time to experience my art.