Deri Chilton Russell

Deri Chilton Russell, Wildwood Studio

421183 Conc. 6, R.R.#1, Elmwood, ON, N0G 1S0

I think as one matures in life we begin to appreciate it more. You start to lose family and friends. But all the time you are growing. New people come into your life, babies are born, you form new bonds. Everchanging beauty in this life.

And as we change and grow in our human existence so too does nature around us. I like to capture some of that light, some of that energy, some of those ahhhh moments that are here today and gone in an instant. But always a constant, returning once again as we circle the sun over our next year.

Our beautiful area, our little corner of the meadow so to speak needs to be captured by one more artist, and I hope there is room for me. And I hope that my work will give some pause to stop and reflect on these gorgeous circles-people, animals, birds, field and fauna.