Blacksmith Classes & Workshops by David Robertson

Blacksmithing  Classes

I run a series of workshops at different levels for people who want to learn the ancient art of blacksmithing.

Courses include:

This is an introductory course that gives the foundation of several areas of blacksmithing. These areas of interest include artistic, tool making, and functional.

This course furthers the skills developed in the Basic course. The intermediate course concentrates on traditional joinery. It is heavy on hand work with splitting, mortise and tenon, hot wraps, scroll work, wedge joints, hinges etc.

Organic Courses
This course focuses on leaves, twigs and flowers. These elements are used to create larger structures based on the organic motifs.

Knife Making
This is an introductory level to forging and grinding and heat treating of knives. Some experience with forge work is an asset.

Pattern Welding
This course is for creating pattern welding billets that can be later be forged into knives. Usually 3 to 4 patterns are developed.
This is intensive and hot as the whole course is forge welding the patterns. Students should have some experience with forge welding.

Gas Forge Workshop
This is a one day workshop to build your own Gas Forge. Everything is provided except the propane tank.

For more details on each of the courses see my main website. Ontario Blacksmith Classes

Calendar is on the main website for up coming courses.


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