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Articles about the featured artists of the month.

Featured Artist: Nancy Winkler

“I love to paint, to bring to life a landscape in acrylic. At 23 I moved from Masstown, Nova Scotia to Grande Prairie, Alberta where I lived for 8 years. While there I met my husband and we then moved to his hometown of Hanover, Ontario. I have always had a craft of one kind or another on the go. A few years ago while looking at the pictures of the places we’ve been my husband suggested I paint them and I never looked back. My main medium is acrylic but I also paint with oils. I am continually going through my pictures to find the next masterpiece. I do commissions and I would love to paint a landscape picture for you to cherish your memory of that special place.”

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Featured Artist: Z’Anne Keele

Z’Anne’s passionate goal as an artist is to honour the ideas of transparency and exactness, whether painting in watercolour or in oil. To achieve depth and glow in her work, she has recently been working in the Renaissance technique of multiple glazes, her subject matter ranging from portraiture to complex depictions of water and forest. Our Saugeen Watershed is a constant source of inspiration.

Whatever the subject, the perennial challenge is that of creating a unified and “painterly” canvas, while giving each important element its due. Hard work, but joyful, like the company of other artists.

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Featured Artist: Dan Nolan

Dan Nolan is a stained glass artist from the Grey County area. His studio is located between Hanover and Neustadt on Grey Road 10.

Dan grew up in Bruce County, just west of Walkerton. He studied art at the University of Waterloo, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts in 1979. In 1982, he began to work in stained glass.

Working from a small basement studio, Dan attended many craft shows around Ontario. He opened his first commercial studio in 1985, in Hanover, Ontario. From this studio, he could sell his work, and sell glass and supplies to local hobbyists, while continuing to attend craft shows. Dan moved to his current location in 1990. Attending fewer craft shows; he concentrated on larger commissions for churches and homes.

Drawing inspiration from his local surroundings, Dan has produced a large body of work of stained glass windows, as well as many smaller works that he sells in his studio.

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Featured Artist: Earthen Vessels Pottery

Potter, Kevin Wain and his wife, Corina have been operating Earthen Vessels Pottery in the heart of Grey County now for almost 20 years. His main line of work is functional stoneware now in five different glaze colours. Here in his pastoral studio/store you can find anything from bowls & teapots to unique tea bag holders. His signature piece is a one-of-a kind ‘Tree Vase’, hand sculpted to look every bit the same as the real thing.

As a departure from the norm, Kevin likes to play with RAKU firing. An unusual Japanese type of firing, which lets the flames of the firing process paint the colours onto the pots. Exploring this concept and intrigued by the fires unpredictability Kevin spent 3 years developing a technique which lets the flame create its own texture during the throwing process. These ‘Augmented’ pots as Kevin calls them are truly spectacular works of art.

When they’re not touring around to craft and art shows Kevin occasionally helps his wife Corina at her parents’ farm raising pasture fed lamb and beef, which she has developed a growing private market for.

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Featured Artist: Kathie Wright

“Looking back over the years, I can see how the “colour” of my various gifts have been blended and shaped. Even as a young girl, I can remember sitting down during family functions and drawing sketches. About twenty years ago, I took a watercolour night school course. That decision gave me the confidence to pursue my creative art interests in a new and more intentional way. Since that time, I have taken many courses from accomplished artists, to learn the techniques of painting in watercolour and acrylic. After retiring from teaching several years ago, painting became this grandmother’s passion.

The love of art is best shared with others of like mind. I have gained much from belonging to local art groups in Wasaga Beach, and Collingwood. Now, in Hanover, I have found the Saugeen Artists to be a great way to meet local artists and be involved in promoting visual arts in the area. It has been rewarding to be involved in library shows, outdoor art shows, and studio tours. Samples of my work are finding their way into local businesses such as “Noah’s Inn” in Neustadt, and “Millennia Books” in Hanover.”

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