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After a hiatus of 25 years, I am fortunate to be in the position of being able to explore my artwork once again. The creative urge has popped up a lot over those years, but I can now enjoy the luxury of time to devote to my artwork. A self-taught artist, I have in the past attended art fairs and belonged to local cultural groups, along with some classes in life drawing and painting. Currently, I am a member with the Saugeen Artist's Group in Ontario. Living in a small village in Huron County, Ontario is quite the contrast from growing up in the city, and I hope to depict in my artwork the quietude I am enjoying in this slower pace of life. You will see that rural influence in my artwork. I have also been involved in the antiques business for the past two decades, and that background only enhances my understanding of many of the subjects I depict. I enjoy working primarily in oils, but will also dabble in acrylics, mixed media and watercolours for a little variety and to keep my artwork vibrant. I sign my artwork with my maiden signature of skPeck although you may personally know me by my married name of Susan O'Brien.

The Saugeen Artists’ Gallery

Local, Original Artwork for Christmas!

The Saugeen Artists’ Gallery will be opening again in Hanover on November for their fourth Christmas season. Over 20 artists will be participating in the gallery this year.

They will be showcasing the varied members’ work which includes paintings, metal work, jewellery, glass work, pottery, paper items and more.

Come visit their store at 286 10th St, Hanover. The gallery will be open from Nov 10th until Dec 24th, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm each week until Christmas.

The grand opening celebration will be held on Saturday Nov 15th from 2-6 pm.

*A donation of food or cash for the local food bank is greatly appreciated.

Featured Artist: Jackie Penfold

Jackie Penfold is from Hanover, Ontario. She joined the Saugeen Artists Co-op in October 2011. When she was a teenager, Jackie painted with watercolours, oil paints, and did pencil crayon drawings. In the 1990s, she discovered that she liked painting with acrylics, when she did folk art painting. She enjoyed the bright colours that resulted, and continued to paint in that medium. For her, painting is a very enjoyable experience. Her paintings consist of flowers, nature, scenery, and people engaged in everyday activities.

Have a look at Jackie’s profile and gallery!