2020 Plein Air Festival Saugeen Artists Member Registration

July 22nd to 25th 2020 Plein Air Painting Festival Registration for Saugeen Artist Members

Welcome to the Plein Air Registration and information page.

This year the Saugeen Artists Guild’s Plein Air Painting Festival runs July 22nd to 25th in Hanover and surrounding area.

Steps to Register

  1. Read over the the Saugeen Artists Guild Plein Air Painting Festival Registration Form Below
    There is a link below the document that takes you to Plein Air Registration Form in PDF format, that you can download for your reference. Once on your computer save it to a location you can find it again for your reference or if you are paying by check.
  2. Choose if you are paying by Check or by Credit Card on our secure square payment site, by clicking the appropriate link below.
  3. Once you have chosen your payment option you will be taken to an electronic form to register. Enter all details on the form. Then you will be taken to the appropriate next step.
    Please note the Early Bird deadline of June 10th.

    Payment before June 10th $40.00 after June 10th $55.00

    Payment is non-refundable unless Hanover Sights and Sounds Festival is Cancelled and therefore Saugeen Artists Guild Plein Air Festival is cancelled. Other wise it runs Runs Rain Or Shine.

    General information about the event below:

Below Form and Rules

Step 1

Artists Registration Form
Saugeen Artists Guild Plein Air Painting Festival

The Saugeen Artists Guild (Not for Profit Organization) is promoting their FIRST Plein Air Festival. This is an ‘open’ competition for artists.
We invite artists to visit our beautiful Saugeen River that runs right through the heart of downtown Durham, Hanover, and Walkerton. Capture the charming heritage buildings, Saugeen River and the rolling hillsides and picturesque farms of our uniquely beautiful region.
Our 4-day festival ends on July 25th with the Guild’s Art Show and Sale of Works of paintings produced during the festival at the P&H Centre, 269 7th Ave, Hanover. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards of $200, $100, $75 along with multiple ‘category $100 awards. (such as Best Town Award, Best Rural Award, Best Garden Award, Best Heritage Award, People’s Choice Award)

Artists will receive a participant package and additional area information at check-in at Lasting Memories Locker Room Art Store, 318 10th Street, Hanover.
For more information please visit: https://saugeenartists.ca/
Or contact Bev Morgan (Guild Organizer) at info@saugeenartists.ca

Registration Form


Mailing Address:

Phone Number: Mobile _________________ Home _________________

Early Bird ~ postmarked by June 10, 2020 for Saugeen Artist Members

After June 10, 2020

Register by mailing this form, including the signed Rules page and cheque in Canadian Funds to the address below or for immediate registration use the form at the bottom :

Payment Options:

  • Register with Credit Card through Square in the form at the bottom

  • Cheque payable to “Saugeen Artists Guild” and mail the registration form to our Guild member Organizer: Bev Morgan, Saugeen Artists Guild, 260 4th Ave, Hanover, ON N4N 2B5

Visit https://saugeenartists.ca/ for more information

Note: The event will take place rain or shine. There are no refunds, unless due to unforeseen circumstances, the Hanover Sights and Sound festival event is cancelled.

1.Check-in is open on Wednesday July 22 or Thursday July 23. 10am to 5pm at the Lasting Memories Locker Room, 318 10th Street, Hanover. (519-364-0909) Wednesday registration is encouraged, provided we have space because the number of entrants is limited.
2. Artists may apply transparent or opaque grounds, without 3-dimensional textures, to their support of choice prior to registration. Supports with drawing or sculptural effects will not be permitted. Each canvas/panel/paper or other support must be stamped on the back PRIOR to painting during registration, at the Lasting Memories Locker Room retail store. No unstamped art will be accepted for the show on Saturday July 25th.
3. Each work of art must be started and completed Plein air (outside).
4. You are not required to return stamped canvases at the end of the day. You are required to sign that you have followed these rules and regulations, especially the 3 above.
5. The size of the image is not to exceed 24” x 24”. Artists must provide their own materials.
6. Artists may paint any subject/scene outdoors throughout the communities of Durham, Hanover, and Walkerton. Information on a variety of painting locations will be available at registration.
7. The show and sale of work will take place on Saturday, July 25th at the P&H Centre from 11am to 7pm. Judging will be done prior to the opening 11am but the People’s Choice Award will be announced at 3 pm.
8. Artists will select their artworks for the sale. A maximum of 3 works per artist will be accepted.
9. A 30% commission applies to all sales.

a. Artists must be registered for the event to participate in the show and sale.
b. Artwork for the show must be turned in at the P&H Centre by 10 am on Saturday, July 25th. Any artwork not to be displayed in the show must be removed at this time.
c. Artists may select up to 3 pieces of work they created Plein air during the festival for the show.
d. All artwork for the show must have the artist’s name clearly marked on the back as well as the “SAG2020” stamp. The entry card must be firmly attached stating the artist’s name, title of the work and price. Paintings without the attached entry card will not be shown.
e. Works of art must be submitted in a manner that allows for ease of handling and display on an easel or wall
f. Event staff will set up the artwork for the judging process and exhibition.
g. Artists should be prepared to leave their artwork until the end of show at 7:00 pm on Saturday July 25th. Unsold artwork must be picked up after 7:00pm Saturday, July 25th. By July 26th art becomes the property of the Saugeen Artists Guild and will be disposed of as they see fit.

I. As an entrant of the 2020 Saugeen Artists Guild Plein Air event, I understand that the Guild has the right to refuse paintings that do not meet the rules of the competition.
II. I declare that the work(s) of art submitted for the show are my own work.
III. I acknowledge receipt of the rules governing the event and agree, as a condition of entering the show, that the Saugeen Artists Guild may publicize and/or broadcast my name, likeness, photographs of my work and the fact that I participated in the event.
IV. I acknowledge the Saugeen Artists Guild assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any work, display or person during this event.
ARTISTS’ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I have read and understand the Rules, Submission of Art, and Artists’ Acknowledgement.
Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _________________


Click Here for PDF Copy of the Above Artist Registration Form

Step 2

How would you like to pay?

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Step 3 – you will be taken to the payment page after submitting the above form. If you are paying by check through the mail you can stop there. Otherwise follow the prompts for credit card payment.