Wayne T. Broderick


People’s interaction with the world around them shapes their perceptions and, as an artist, it is such connections that inspire me. These fleeting memories which reveal life’s greatest meaning and satisfaction. For this reason the capture of such brief recollections through art is absolutely vital; it truly is our salvation.

My goal has always been to evoke a pleasing emotional response through my unique way of presenting a subject. While I still enjoy creating with oil, pastels or mixed media, recently my preference has been for acrylic paint. I love the way a brush dipped in it glides across the face of a canvas. And yet, in the end, it is always the subject which determines the medium I will employ. Undeniably, each medium has its very own unique quality and capacity to display the necessary warmth, excitement and depth.

I consider myself fortunate to be associated with the gifted yet diverse array of fellow artist at the Saugeen Artists Guild.

Wayne T. Broderick
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