Roseanne Bensette

RB Roseanne

I have always been interested in the arts from an early age and took art all through school to grade thirteen. I then went on to St. Clair College in Windsor where I grew up and enrolled in the three year Interior Design Program which I completed in 1982. There I used many mediums but my favorite was watercolours. Then of course my subjects were interiors, furniture and patterns for fabric but I always wanted to expand my horizons. When my husband and I moved to Hanover and had two children my brushes went into the closet not to be seen again for over 30 years.

Fast forward to this past February (2016) and me sitting at the kitchen table with an adult colouring book and thinking “hmm….. I am tired of colouring inside the lines”. Well as you can imagine out came the brushes….. which were in terrible shape ( which meant trips to the art store ) and I began to paint what ever caught my eye. Anything with colour! It has only been a couple of months now and I only have a few pieces to show for it but I am loving painting again after 30 years. My other passion is photography and I’ve been know to make a few quilts in my 30 year absent from my painting.